Sustainable development


Resolutely turned towards the future Sodematub Naudin obtained in December 2009 the PEFC certificate (Program or the Endorsement of Forest Certification). In today's world where the concepts of environmental and ecological protections are, rightly, more important, the Sodematub Naudin immediately wanted to take position as a concerned company.

Today, thanks to forest certification and chain of custody, the Sodematub Naudin ensures that at least 70% of the wood used in its tables is PEFC certified.

PEFC has existed since 1999 and has 32 member countries. The PEFC Council is the leading certification organization of, independent, non-profit and non-governmental nature whose aim is to certify the proper management of forests in the world aims. PEFC allows each of the companies in the industry to guarantee theirs clients that the wood used in their products comes from sustainably managed forests. Certification is also a way to fight illegal logging.





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